About Me

My name is Ben Chera and I am in pursuit to constantly challenge myself through difficult physical challenges and constant improvement of my lifestyle.

I love to throw myself into things head first.  I accept that I probably won't be good at anything when I first start but it is all about taking that first step.

I am interested in international travel (Europe is cool but too safe), sports (doing not watching), technology (more Iron Man suit and less IPAD),  and trying/learning new things.

I like to do Mixed Martial Arts (Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Capoeira, ect), Mountain Biking, Adventure Racing, Rugby, CrossFit, Motorsports (motorcycles, ATV, ect), Water sports (Surfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, ect), outdoor rock climbing, and more.

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