In the constant quest to be the best me that I can be, I look to others who are in the same pursuit to achieve a specific goal or prolonged goal that I am too.  The following are people who actively influence me and can influence you too. Check out their sites regularly for updates. 

Blair Morrison - world traveling fitness beast
Blair Morrison was a wide receiver for Princeton University.  He now travels all over the world working out in various odd places in urban environments and in the wild with portable equipment or whatever he can find.  He also competes in CrossFit competitions.  Check out Blair's blog: anywherefit.

Mark Sisson - primal diet/lifestyle preacher
Mark Sisson is an ex-triathlete who has created a movement of getting back to our past of being hunter/gatherers.  His methods are simplistic yet they have been effective for many people.  He has written a few books that are must reads for anyone who wants to eat naturally and workout for function.  Check out his website: marksdailyapple

Al Kavadlo - body-weight fitness guru

Al Kavadlo is a passionate practitioner of body-weight movements for complete fitness.  He has many tutorials (videos) for people who want to work up to being able to achieve amazing feats of strength using just their body-weight. Go to his website: alkavadlo

Tim Ferriss - lifestyle optimizer
Tim Ferriss has written two New York Times #1 best selling books, The Four Hour Workweek and The Four Hour Body.  Both are truly inspiring blueprints to achieve the best lifestyle and body that I have ever read. Tim likes to "Hack Life" as to say that he likes to learn new things as fast as possible.  He loves to travel and participate in different often peculiar sports all over the world.  He is also a very intelligent business man who seeks knowledge with an eagle like focus.  Check out his blog: thefourhourworkweek

Felix Baumgartner - risk taking philosopher 
Felix Baumgartner is a fearless BASE Jumper who travels all over the world jumping from places that are too dangerous or too illegal for anyone else.  He is working with Red Bull to break the sound barrier in a jump to beat the record for highest sky dive.  Check out his updates on facebook: FELIX FACEBOOK and his videos FELIX VIDEOS

The Modern Gypsies - Compassionate Adventurers 
About the Modern Gypsies
The Modern Gypsies are a group of three mustached men who like to travel the world while helping out local people in need and testing their physical limits however possible.  They are CrossFit practitioners and winners of the reality show, Destination Impossible, where they trekked across the Moroccan desert completing various challenges and navigating around difficult terrain.  Go to their blog: TheModernGypsies

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