Thursday, March 29, 2012

Westside Strength Training

Westside Strength Training
Upper Body Max Effort
Rack Bench Press (3.5 inches above chest) with Fat Gripz worked up to a 3 Rep Max (3RM) of 260 lbs
Weighted Chin-Up worked up to a 3 RM of 65 lbs added to body-weight
Lower Body Dynamic Effort
All repetitions performed as explosively as possible (30 sec rest between sets)
LinkSumo Deadlift for 12x2 at near 50% of 1RM (1 rep maximum) 205 lbs
Box Squat with mini bands for 12x2 at 50% 1 RM at 135 lbs

Intermittent Fasting update
Current body-weight this morning was 194 lbs down from a steady weight of 197-200 lbs. I had done a 16 hour fast (not eating) on Wednesday. Intermittent fasting seems to be a good way to restrict calories for fat-loss. I don't feel deeply hungry or enslaved by not eating. It is actually sort of liberating. I will continue to fast when I am able to without overdoing it so that I don't negatively effect performance. Apparently Intermittent Fasting can help me lose weight (adipose tissue aka fat), live longer, not get cancer, and make you a millionaire! Well all claims except the millionaire part are backed by some research and happy people who have successfully lost weight and controlled their weight through implementing this nutrition protocol. No longer are we enslaved to eat 6 small meals a day people. FREEEEEDOMMMM!
Watch "Ask Paleo Expert Robb Wolf anything" video HERE

CrossFitters, maybe he has a point...Link

Quote of the Day
"By prevailing over all obstacles and distractions, one may unfailingly arrive at his chosen goal or destination."
Christopher Columbus
Song of the Day
Society - Eddie Vedder

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