Travel Destinations

“Make your choice, adventurous Stranger,
Strike the bell and bide the danger,
Or wonder, till it drives you mad,
What would have followed if you had.” 
~C.S. Lewis

The following countries are the top 5 that I will be to visiting.   When thinking about a country to go to there are certain criteria that I consider.  Nature, night life, food, high adventure, sports, martial arts, and beautiful women to name a few.  I am always looking to experience something different and meet new and interesting people.  I want to go to these countries for my own personal growth but I also hope to impact the lives of the people there as well.  I want to volunteer, work, or just pass through with a smile.  But the main objective is to learn from others whether that's wild life conservation in the Amazon rainforests of Columbia, organic farming in New Zealand, Krav Maga in Israel, or open face rock climbing in Thailand.  The other objective is to teach local people and help those in need.  Compassionate Adventuring. 



New Zealand

In my pursuit to travel to cool destinations around the world, I have found out about a website called HelpX (Help Exchange) and Wwoofing.  This makes it possible to travel all over the world and stay with a host family (food sometimes given too) in exchange for working on a farm, in a hostel, or in some other capacity. There are also ways to get cheap flights.  Traveling does not have to be expensive. 

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