Sunday, August 1, 2010

July 26-31 Training/Diet


Nutrition: Low Carb


Fartlek Run for 20 minutes (sprint 30 sec/jog 90 sec)

Upper Body Kettlebell and Gymnastic Ring Session

A1. Chin-Ups on Rings 4 sets (15,11,11,10)

A2. Kettlebell Alternating Floor Press 4 sets (10 per side)

A3. Push-Up Burpees 1x10

B1. Ring Dips 4 sets (15,13,12,10)

B2. Kettlebell Alternating Row 4 sets (20,20,20,20)per side

B3. Ab Roller 3 sets (15)

C1. Push-Ups with feet in Rings at chest height 3x(20,20,15)

C2. Kettlebell Push-Up Burpees 3x5


Nutrition: Low Carb


C2 Rower: 6x3 min intervals (Rest 1 min on intervals 1,3, 5 and rest 3 min on intervals 2,4)


Nutrition: Low Carb


Full Body Double Kettlebell/Vest Circuit

I just stringed together a series of exercises together to get a workout in. I worked out with American badass Jon Marziale.


Nutrition: Low Carb


Full Body Gym Session

A1. Sumo Deadlift (225 lbs) 3X10

A2. One Arm Push-Up (feet close, good form) 3x4

A3. One Arm Grab Chin-Up 3x3 (re-grab in between reps)

A4. Hanging Leg Raise Scissor Kick 3x30 reps

10 Rounds of 5 reps:

B1. 135 lb Thruster (first 5 sets), 135 lb Front Squat (last 5 sets)

B2. Pull-Ups


Ab Ripper X

Glute Ham Developer 3x10


This was a very busy week of hanging with friends, moving out, exams, and driving to New Jersey. I did not get much cardio or as much pt as I wanted. Starting back again, next week it will be top priority to get cardio in first by getting up early. And eating right will be paramount. I will eat lots of lean meats, fruit, and vegetables which I will grill up some of them in advance. I will implement more crossfit type workouts within my training.

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