Friday, July 20, 2012

Three Main Fears


Fear /fi(ə)r/
Noun: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Fear is a natural and useful emotion that every animal on earth has.  But sometimes it can really get in the way of living.  Some people don't do anything to go outside of their comfort zones because they let their fears completely debilitate their lives.  They stay in their homes closed off from what the world has to offer.  The things that really matter in life are only possible once you break through the comfort zone barrier.  We are afraid of some things because our brains are still running on hardware from 10,000 plus years ago. 

However, it can be really bad for a person's self esteem to let their fears control their lives.  So everyone should make a point to define their THREE TOP FEARS then work to overcome them.   

1 in 100,000 people die from skydiving
Heights is a pretty normal and natural fear for anyone to have.  Humans ability to fly via aircraft or land safely by parachute is pretty new.  But the ultimate way to break through this fear in a safe way in my opinion is to jump out of an airplane with a parachute.  It is healthy to maintain some fear of heights but overcoming it through skydiving seems like a great way to do it. 

Bee sting fatalities are more common than shark attack deaths
Even hearing the Jaws theme music gives most people the chills.  Sharks can inflict a lot of damage with their razor sharp teeth and their powerful jaws.  But some people do not even go into the ocean because they are too afraid of sharks eating them.  Swimming with the sharks in a cage seems to be the best way to overcome this fear.  A more experienced diver who is familiar with shark defense may be able to swim with them outside of the cage. 

Being mediocre means that you are just like everybody else.  We should all strive to be better than ourselves.  Trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.  You are going to be bad at things that you are not familiar with.  But without that initial awkwardness there is no improvement.  Look like a fool once and a while by trying something different.  It will only make you more awesome.  

The Most Interesting Man (ME)

Trannies terrify me... But I have no intention of overcoming this fear.  Enough said. 

Don't be STUPID! 
There is a difference from being BRAVE and being stupid and not caring if you live or die.  Know the difference.  Base Jumper, Lucky Chance (yea, that's his legally changed name), decided to pull off THE DEATH SWING with too many acrobatics before opening his chute.  The result, a coma for 2 months with a broken jaw, a fractured pelvis, open fractures to the left foot and femur, a lunt contusion to the left side of his brain, a twisted neck, air between his lung and thoracic spine, and lacerations down the left side of the face. The pressure inside his skull was 30 mmHg, two to four times normal—a dangerous situation, as high intracranial pressure can lead to crushed brain tissue, brain herniation, and damaged oxygen supply.  Calculated risks are important.  READ MORE HERE.

What are your THREE MAIN FEARS? Post to comments.

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