Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 12-18 Training/Diet


Nutrition: Low Carb


Jump Rope: 10 rounds of 1 min on : 1 min off

Sprints: 30 min total of 30 sec sprints/90 sec walk, and then jog for about a mile

10 minute 50 lbs Kettlebell Snatch Test (170 snatches completed) with a goal of 200


Nutrition: Low Carb

Strength Training:

A1. Wall Headstand Hold 3x (1 min) with 2 min goal

A2. Straight Bridges (backward Push-ups) 3x40 (goal)

B1. One-Arm Push-Up (feet together with good form) for 3x2

B2. Pistol Jump 3x2

C1. 20 lbs vest Pistol 2x2

C2. 20 lbs vest One Arm Plank Hold 2x40 sec

Jump Rope Sprints: 10 rounds 1 min on : 1 min off


Nutrition: Low Carb


Wtd Vest Stair Sprints: Sprint 1 floor/walk 1 floor (8 floors x 5)

Push-Up/Squat Jump Pryamid up and down (1 up 10 down 1) rest then complete 10 rounds of 10 push-ups and 10 jump squats

Jump Rope Sprints: 10 rounds of 30 sec sprints with 30 sec rest


Nutrition: Low Carb


Strength Training

A1. One Arm Pull-up with wrist grab for 3x2 reps

A2. One Arm Push-up (good form with feet close together) 3x3 reps

B1. Speed Deadlift of 50% max (185 lbs) 5x3

B2. Standing Push Press 5x3 (155 lbs)

C1. Front Squat 3x3 (175 lbs)

C2. Speed Bench Press of 50% (135 lbs) 3x3

D1. Hanging Leg Raise Lift (10 lbs) 2x reps

D2. Plate Weight Transfer 2x8 reps

*Skipping Rope in between sets

Hurricane Sprints: 20 total min, 10% incline, 20 sec sprints, 12.5 MPH MAX


Nutrition: High Carb

Rest day


Nutrition: High Carb

Rest Day


10K Obstacle Course Race


Overall, it was a pretty solid week of training. I did tear my hands up really bad on the snatch test. I have to work on not gripping the bell as hard on the way down, I believe. After running the 10K race it is obvious that I have neglected my endurance running training. I will be increasing endurance training significantly. I will include steady state, tempo, and fartlek running as well as swimming/rowing into my training. I will be tweaking my training as a whole.

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