Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 5-10 Training/Diet


Nutrition: Low Carb




Nutrition: Low Carb


(AM) Strength Training:

A1. Pull-Ups 3 x max reps (19 reps, 12 reps, 11 reps)

A2. Clean and Side Press 3x3 (75 lbs)

B1. Incline Dumbbell Press 4x3 (75 lbs) with 5 plyo push-ups

B2. T-Bar Row 4x3 (4x45 lbs)

C1. Hanging D-Bell Raise 2 sets (5 lbs)

C2. Plank One Arm Cable Row for reps 2 sets


Nutrition: Low Carb


Kettlebell Downward Pyramid Sprints: 10 One Arm Clean and Jerks (each arm) then sprint for 40 yd, 9 Clean and Jerks then sprint 40 yd, 8 reps sprint 40 yd, 7 sprint…1 clean and Jerk.

~1-2 min rest between sets


Nutrition: Medium Carb, No fat


(AM) Strength Training:

A1. Elevated Deadlift 6x2 (335 lbs) had to go down in weight after 2 sets

A2. Barbell Standing Military Press 5x2 (145 lbs) had to go down in weight after 3 sets

B1. Wtd Towel One-Arm Pull-Up 3x3 (middle of towel) with 35 lbs

B2. Wtd One-Arm Push-Up 3x3 (other arm extended on bench for support) with 35 lbs

B3. Neck extension for 3x10 (3 plates)

C1. Elevated weighted pistols 2x2 (60 lbs)

C2. Foot to Bar Hanging Leg Raises 2x15 reps

C3. Kneeling Rope Twist 2x10 (each side)

Hurricane Sprints: 20 min total, 10%, 12.0 MPH MAX, 20 sec


Nutrition: Low Carb, low fat


5 rounds: Jump Rope for 2 min, 10 kettlebell snatches then overhead walk 20 yds, switch arms and repeat, 10 kettlebell Rack Lunges then rack walk 20 yds, switch arms and repeat.


Nutrition: Medium Carb


5x10 pull-ups

3x10 of one-arm lever push-ups

3x10 of assisted pistols

50 total mini resistance band assisted pull-ups

2x50 short bridges

4x10 ab wheel rollouts

6 rounds of 30 Power Punches on 85 lbs heavy bag


All in all a pretty good week of training. I did not get to do as much sprints/running/cardio that I wanted to do. I will go out of my way to make that top priority next week. I also was not as strict on clean moderate eating as I want to be. IMPROVEME OR DIE!

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