Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fitness Gear I own

  • 50 lbs Kettlebell

I use my kettlebell 2-3 times a week for mostly combat conditioning type circuits. I have noticed a huge improvement in my conditioning, power, and endurance since using my kettlebell. I use both hands for swings and sumo high-pulls but as I get stronger I am doing more single limb movements as well. I will be purchasing another 50 lbs kettlebell very soon.

  • Aero Speed Hyper Performance Jump Rope

I use this US Olympic endorsed jump rope during my strength training sessions to keep the heart rate up in between sets while still allowing my muscles to recover. I jump side to side, forward and backward, and with one leg at a time. I try something new and challenging each time I use it.

  • 85 lbs Heavy Bag and Stand

I hit the heavy bag at least 2x a week. I often focus on throwing power puches for 5 rounds of 30 seconds. And then 5 rounds of 1 minute speed punches. I have been working on my combos for 2 minute rounds and working up to 10 rounds. Once I reach that goal with ease, I will increase the round length to a professional 3 minutes.

  • Gold's Gym 20 lbs Weighted Vest
I have been using this vest for a while. I do body-weight circuits and run stairs with this vest. It can really rack up the intensity and make everything harder. But when the time comes to take the vest off, everything becomes easier. I will be purchasing a 40 lber very soon...

  • Monster Mini Bands (25 lbs each)

These are great to add on to light weights to make it feel much more difficult. The further that the weight is pressed or pulled it gets heavier. These bands can even be used on their own by attaching them to a door handle or something. I am upgrading to 50 lbs a piece bands.

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