Saturday, June 19, 2010

June 14-19 Training/Diet


Nutrition: Low Carb


Sprints: 30 seconds on 1 min 30 off. For 30 minutes total.

8 rounds of Combo Heavy Bag, 2 minute rounds, 1 minute rest

Steve Cotter Kettlebell one-arm Circuit: 30 sec rest in btwn sets, 10 reps each side

  1. Swings
  2. Shoulder Press
  3. One Arm Squat
  4. Clean
  5. Snatch
  6. Overhead Squat
  7. Side Bend
  8. Lunge
  9. One Legged Deadlift
  10. Clean and Press
  11. Bent over Row (20 reps)
  12. Sumo Deadlift Upright Row (High Pull)


Nutrition: Higher Carb


Strength Training:

A1. 20 lbs One Arm Push-Ups 3x5

A2. 20 lbs One Arm on bar, other on towel (wrapped around bar) Pull-Ups

B1. Elevated Sumo Deadlift 4x2 (315 lbs)

B2. Weighted Dips 4x3 (110 lbs added)

B3. Hanging Windshield Wiper 3x8 per side

C1. Elevated Pistol Squat 3x3 (55 lbs added)

C2. Strap Knees to elbows 2x25

Hurricane Sprints:

20 minutes Total Time for 20 seconds sprints, at 10% incline, 11.5 mph max speed


Nutrition: Low Carb


  • 31 reps burpee pull-ups
  • ring dips 5x10 with jump rope for rest


Nutrition: Higher Carb


Strength Training:

A1. 30 lbs One Arm Push-Ups 3x3

A2. T-Bar Row 4x3 (4x45 lbs plates+25 lb plate)

B1. Bulgarian Barbell Squat 5x5 (135 lbs)

B2. One Arm Dumbbell Press 2x2 (80 lbs) and 1x3 (75 lbs)

B3. Hanging Knee Raise Negative Leg Lower 3x10

C1. T-Bar Pull-Up 2x6 (per side)

C2. One Arm Snatch 2x2 (70 lbs)

C3. Plank weight transfer 2x3 (4x10 lbs plates)

Hurricane Vest Sprints:

20 minutes total time for 20 seconds sprints, at 10% incline at 10.5 mph max speed





Boxing: 5 rounds Power Punches, 5 rounds of 2 minute combo punches

Steve Cotter Kettlebell one arm Circuit: rest with jump rope, 10 reps each side

Completed just as in Monday's workout but with jump rope and more speed

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