Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 20-26 Training/Diet

This week I was unable to train very often because of summer school exams. I got a few good training sessions in none the less.


Nutrition: Low Carb


Sprints: 30 seconds on, 90 seconds off for 30 total minutes

Kettlebell Workout:

One-Arm Snatch upward pyramids

1 rep, 2 rep, 3 rep, 4 rep, 5 rep, 6 rep, 7 rep, 9 rep, 10, rep

One-Arm Swing downward pyramids

9 rep, 8 rep, 7 rep, 6 rep, 5 rep, 4 rep, 3 rep, 2 rep, 1 rep


Nutrition: Low Carb


Strength Training:

A1. 35 lbs one arm push-ups for 2x3 (one arm extended on box for balance)

A2. 35 lbs one arm towel pull-up for 2x3 (high up on towel)

B1. Pull-up upward pyramids (1 rep, 2 rep, 3 rep... 9 rep)

B2. Bodyweight Bench Press upward pyramids (up to 9 reps at 195 lbs)

B3. Elevated pistol one legged squat upward pyramids (up to 9 reps with 5 lbs counterbalance)



Swing/Pull-Up downward pyramid

A1. Pull-Up for 10 rep, 9, rep, 8 rep.. 1 rep

A2. Kettlbell One-Arm Swing for 10 rep, 9 rep, 8 rep... 1 rep


Unfortunatley, I was so busy this week and was unable to train as much as I wanted. But I think that I probably needed a small break from training both mentally and physically. I will go out on an all out assault next week to make up for the recovery time that I had.

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