Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gear that I will own!

40 lbs V-FORCE Vest (Short/Narrow)

I will be using this vest for PT (physical training) for all body-weight exercises as well as stair sprinting. I will be getting it in the short, so that it will not restrict my breathing and the fullcrum effect will make it harder. I will also be going with a narrow shoulders vest so that I can perform pull-ups and overhead movements without the vest getting in my way.

EXF Gymnastic Rings

I will use these rings for various pull-ups, dips, leg raises, push-ups, and anything that I can think of. I have a DVD called "Ultimate Upper-Body" by Steve Maxwell, where various ring exercises are performed. It is just amazing the versatility that rings have. I will be working on the muscle-up and I hope to be able to do one within a few months of working with the rings.

Another 50 lbs Kettlebell

There is a lot that I can do with the 50 lbs kettlebell that I already own but having another one would be even better. Having just the one, I can only really work on conditioning but the 2nd one would allow me to work on strength. Here is a pic of Steve Cotter who is a world renowned martial artist and strength and conditioning instructor specializing in everything kettlebells. I have learned a lot from him.

2 x 50 lbs Resistance Band

I will be using these bands either by themselves or I will step on them while lifting a kettlebell or barbell for increased resistance without having to add weight to the bar.

30 foot Agility Ladder

I will use this agility ladder to increase my foot speed (which has never been very good). will even do some kettlebell drills while moving through this ladder. Such as swings while shuffling through the ladder.


When using a harness, I will either attach a resistance band or rope to, and I will drag kettlebells, a friend, or just attach it to a door.

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