Sunday, December 26, 2010

December 20-26 Training



5x3 min intervals with 2 min recovery

Crossfit WOD

Complete AMRAP in 20mins of: (5 rounds 6 reps completed: OHS killed me)

5 Chest to Bar Pull ups

10 Ring Dips

15 Overhead Squats 95/65


Swimming for 20 min

Crossfit WOD

Partner WOD!!!

This is a 30 minute workout.

During that time period, teammates will alternate working for one minute and resting for one minute.

During each of your "rest" minutes you must complete 4 burpees.

1st 10 minutes: Med Ball Sit Ups 20 lbs

2nd 10 minutes: Kettlebell Swings 53 lbs

3rd 10 minutes: Rowing (Calories)

Team score = total Med Ball Sit Ups + total KB swings + total calories



Heavy Deadlift for 5x2 (345 lbs)

Cindy + (AM)

10 rounds

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats

20 crunches/leg levers


Tabata Treadmill on incline (16 rounds) 20 seconds on: 10 seconds off

Cindy (PM) (completed in 9:27)

10 rounds

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 squats


Crossfit WOD


Five rounds for time of:

10 Handstand Pushups (6 reps first round then done by placing feet on box and torso perpendicular to legs with top of head touching floor)

400 m Run


Crossfit WOD

12 Days of Christmas (starting with 1 then doing the 2nd exercise then going back to 1, then doing the 3rd exercise, then the 2nd, 1st….. 4th ect)

1 Pistol Squat

2 Overhead Lunges (25 lbs plate) per leg

3 mountain climbers per leg

4 mule kicks

5 Med Ball Squat Cleans (20 lbs)

6 Kettlebell Swings (53 lbs)

7 24" Box Jump

8 Situps

9 Burpees

10 Push-ups

11 Pull-ups

12 Wall Ball Shots (20 lbs)

Strong Man Training (immediately following crossfit wod)

Working on form with just 95 lbs

Cleans 12 x 2 @ 60% (:45rest between)

Push Jerk 7 x 2 @ 60% (:45rest between)


"Battle of the Sexes"

4 exercise for 1 min each doing 2 sets

1:00 AMLAP Alongated Frame Farmers Walk with 4x25 lbs on the ends

1:00 AMRAP w/ 110 lbs Atlas Stone (Ground to Shoulder)

1:00 AMRAP Keg Press

1:00 AML(laps)AP Yoke Walk





Crossfit WOD

Partner W O D: all reps split into 2

1600 m Run (200m per)

200 Push Ups (raised hands) for 100 reps in 5 rep intervals

150 Box Jumps 24 inches (75 reps in 5 rep intervals)

100 Wall Balls 20 lbs (50 reps in 5 rep intervals)

2000 m Row (250m per)



A1. Sumo Deadlift for 5x5 (275 lbs)

A2. Weighted Chin-Up with Fat Gripz for 5x5 (45 lbs)


This was my first full week of winter break. I put in several workouts at crossfit inspire and already feel like my conditioning has improved. I did some running but would like to try to increase it and even get a hill sprint workout in my boots at least once a week. I also would like to incorporate more swimming and some heavy bag work. I have to work on my skills and try out my focus WODS often. If I can improve on what I have done here for the next 3 weeks and then hit the ground running both realistically and metaphorically speaking, then I will be ready for my summer training at Quantico. I would like to try to join a crossfit gym in philly too but cannot spend as much as some of them cost.

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