Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 24-30 Training


Strength (Wendler/Westide)

A1. Elevated Deadlift (on plates with bar below knees) 3x5 for 315# [have to work on form by squeezing lats]

A2. Floor Press with Fat Gripz 3x5 at 185#

B1. Handstand Push-Ups on parallettes for 3 sets [partials down to 20 lbs med ball]

B2. Wide Grip Weighted Pull-Ups 3x5 (44# kettlebell)

C1. Snatch Balance for 3x3 (95#)

C2. Legless Rope Climb for 3 sets (hand over hand kicking legs on the way up)



A1. Bench Press for 225# (6), 245 (2)

A2. Dumbbell Deadlift 2x120# for 2x5

B1. Parallette Partials to Med Ball for 3 sets

B2. Legless Rope Climb for 3 ascents

Good Mornings for 3x5 (115#)

Weighted Ring Dips 44# for 7, 44# for 6, 53# for 3

Legless Rope Climb with 20# vest 13 ft, then 20# vest with legs to 15 ft.

Pyramid WOD

10,8,6,4,2,2,4,6,8,10 (16:30

Toes to Bar

Lateral Box Jump
Ring Dips (with muscle up progression for first rep)
Double Unders

Home Strength

1x4 Turkish Get-Ups (50 lbs)


Pistol Practice for 28 total reps (4 each set)

Running (Indoor Track Sprints)

Sprint 1x lap then 1 min plank hold then 250 m C2 Row

Sprint 2x then 45 sec hold then 250 m C2 Row

Sprint 3x around 30 sec hold then 250 m C2 Row

Rest a few min

3 rounds

1x lap sprint, 125 m Row, 30 sec plank

3 x 1 min Handstand Hold



Front Squat for 3x5 (clean grip) 185# [elbows high up]


A1. Deficit Speed Deadlift + mini bands @ (205#) 4x3

A2. Pistol Box Jump 4x3 (+10 lb plate)

B1. Snatch Grip Deadlift @ (205#) 4x3

B2. Push Jerk @ (175#) 4x5

Mini-Power Met-Con: 5 rounds (1 min rest)

C1. Snatch Balance 3 reps 115 lbs

C2. Box Jump for Height 3 reps (at top of addidas logo)

Captain of Crush Gripper Holds #1 3x(30 sec)



Marine Option PT

6 Rounds

30 Dumbbell Lunges (2x40-45 lbs)

30 Push Press (25-45 lbs)

30 crunches

1 rope ascent (15 ft)

10 pull-ups


Wide Grip Weighted Pull-Up for 3x3 with a 53# kettlebell

Weighted Chin-Ups for 2x3 with a 53# kettlebell

Wall Ball Dip
(Completed in 15:00 min)

21Ring Dips
3 Wall Ball
18 Ring Dips
6 Wall Ball
15 Ring Dips
9 Wall Ball
12 Ring Dips
12 Wall Ball
9 Ring Dips
15 Wall Ball
6 Ring Dips
18 Wall Ball
3 Ring Dips
21 Wall Ball


Handstand Push-Up Practice (work on partials) 5 reps for 6 sets

Superset with

Pistol Practice 5 reps for 6 sets


Running and Rowing

3 rounds (rest 2-5 min in between)

(Indoor Track)

2 lap sprint

500 m C2 Row


This was a solid week of training. I worked on my handstand push-ups, pistols, and Olympic lifts. I tried to do a rack style deadlift but I think I had it too high up which made it impossible for me to use my legs so my form was bad and I had to use lighter weights. I got some good conditioning in by doing met-cons and some running mixed with rowing. Running and rowing in the indoor track is a tough but good workout which I will build on in the upcoming weeks of the harsh winter. Next week I will max out my deadlift, front squat, and overhead squat on Monday. Then on Friday I will max my bench press, push jerk, and try to hit the weighted pull-up max on Thursday to give my back some time to recover for the Crossfit Volunteer WOD next Saturday. I want to establish my lifts and then try to implement them into my training by using the Wendler program while still including Dynamic speed work with bands similar to a Westside template. I will increase my strength in the big lifts while including Gymnastic and Olympic training for strength along with HARDCORE met-cons to improve my conditioning. Then when it gets nicer I will focus more on running outdoors and prepping for Officer Candidate School with high rep body weight exercises while still working the strength and crossfit style conditioning training.

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