Sunday, January 9, 2011

January 3-9 Training


Crossfit WOD (9:30)


Squat Cleans

Take 10mins to complete 3 x 5 (135 lbs)


Complete 10 "Unbroken" Rounds for Time of:

5 "Touch & Go" Clusters at 115 lbs

25 Double-unders scaled to 75 single skips (single skips)

You must not dump on the Clusters (Squat Clean to Thruster), each rep must be a "touch and go".  You may rest in the lockout or in the rack, but once you begin the set, the bar can't rest on the ground.  There is a 5 burpee penalty for dumping.  If you miss on the Double-under, you must begin back at rep 1 of 25 for the round.  HAVE AT IT!!!

Completed in 17:29

YMCA Strength

Bench Press with Fat Gripz for 3x3 at 235

Swimming focusing on technique

Crossfit on Ramp (6:15)

Technique practice of the squat

Crossfit Strength (7:15)


A. Power Snatch - 3 x 5 (3sec between reps, 1:00 rest between sets) @ 115 lbs

rest 3:00

B. Back Squat - (5-0-x-1) 3 x 5 Heavy (2:00rest between) @ 155 lbs (slow negative)

rest 5:00

C.  "Ladders"


Hang Squat Snatch 75 lbs

Ring Dips (w/ Muscle up to support position on knees to ring dip 3x then dips)



Trail Running sprints up steep hill at valley forge park in boots and utes

Crossfit WOD (5:15)

Turkish Get Ups for 3X5 at 36 lbs kettlebell


AMRAP in 15 minutes (5 rounds)

200 m Run/250 m Row (alternate between rounds)

7 GHD Sit Ups

7 Man on fire Burpees (stop, drop, and roll burpee)

7 KTE's (knees to elbows)




Crossfit WOD (5:15)

"Don't stop till you get enough"

50 Pull Ups (each time you come off the bar, run 50 m.)

75 Push Ups (each time you stop and rest w/your chest to the ground, run 50 m. No downward dog.)

100 Sit Ups (each time you stop, run 50 m.)

Crossfit on Ramp (6:15)


Running (noon)

Trail Running in boots (SNOW) for 6x1 min intervals and 1x30 sec interval with much rest in between

Crossfit at 5:15

Complete AMRAP in 14mins (9 rounds 1 Snatch and 4 Ring Dips completed)

1 Squat Snatch at 115 lbs

7 Ring Dips

11 Wallballs at 20 lbs

Then without rest, you will have 5 mins to find a 5 RM on a Push Jerk!

145 lbs Push Jerk (could have gone heavier)


CFT Strength (8:00 AM)

S W O D (extremely fatigued b/c running on 3 hrs of sleep)

Take 8mins to find a 5RM of Squat Cleans (135 lbs)

rest 1:00

Perform 3reps every min on the min for 8mins of Power Cleans with 80% of 5RM of Cleans (105 lbs)


"Strongman Saturday"

Strongman course of 10 reps of atlas stones lifts to shoulder, Bag Push for 25 m, 10 reps of Heavy Yoke Press, 2x85 lbs farmers walk, 10 reps of one arm dumbbell snatch (45 lbs per arm), 25 m sprint, 10 swiss ball core roll-ins.

CFT on Ramp (10 AM)

Worked on kipping pull-ups and completed several reps of jumping/attempting to kip pull-ups


75 lbs Thruster

Jumping Pull-Ups



A1. Deadlift for 3x3 at 350 lbs

A2. Push Jerk for 3x3 at 175 lbs

B1. Weighted Pull-Ups for 3x3 at 70 lbs (re-grip)

B2. Overhead Squats for 3x3 at 115 lbs

Home Strength

A1. Handstand Push-Up Partials for 3 MAX Sets (6,7,6)

A2. 20 lbs Vest Pistols for 3 MAX Sets
(MUST WORK ON THESE! I have neglected them and lost pistol ability)

B. Turkish Get-Ups with 50 lbs Kettlebell for 2x3 (per arm)


This was a solid week of training! I completed some intense trail running sessions in Valley Forge Park with Jake Canale. I was also able to get plenty of crossfit met-con conditioning sessions in as well as crossfit strength working on Olympic moves. I also have been including a Wendler type strength training (5-3-1-Deload) into my training at the YMCA. I focus on Deadlift, Overhead Squat, Bench Press, Weighted Pull-Ups, and more recently the push jerk in which I hit 3 reps at 175 lbs. I also was impressed with my 350 lbs deadlift for 3x3. Next week I will hit some heavy singles and deload (not sure exactly what that means) the week after next. I have just one more week of Winter Break and I intend on making the best of it!

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