Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thurs, 2/17/2011

Wendler Upper Body 3x3

Bench Press 3x(185/215/235) use fat gripz

Wide Grip Weighted Pull-Ups 3x(40/50/60)

Dumbbell Bench Press for 2x9 with 2x80#

Weighted ring dips for 1x3 with 60#


Heavy Clean for 3x1 (195#) [need to work to get under bar]

MAX Box Jump Height (2x20" boxes plus 2x45# and 1x10# bumper plates)

Grip and Pulling Strength

Towel Commando Pull-Ups for 2x5 (per side) [grasping towel wrapped around bar: pull chin over hand to right then dead-hang, pull chin over hand to left then dead-hang]

Towel Alternating Climb Pull-Ups for 2x5 (per side) [one arm is staggered higher up then switch with re-grip]

Handstand Push-Up Density Training

[On the min for 20 min]

2 reps the first 7 min, 1 reps the last 13 min

Stair Sprints (at Art Museum)

Incorporated single step for foot speed, multiple steps for speed, step hops, 3x155 lbs fireman's carry up steps

"Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit." ~Napoleon Hill

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