Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sprinting vs. Long Distance

Benefits of sprinting vs long distance
  • decreased body-fat
  • increased muscle mass or muscle tone (proper word phrasing for females...)
  • short in duration (time effective)
  • not boring
The Case against Cardio - by Mark Sisson ex-competitive triathlete and marathoner now Primal movement leader

Sprint Workout Suggestions
- by Mark Sisson

Track Sprints

5 x 50 meter all out sprints (around 8.5 seconds)
2 x (sprawl, 50 meter backwards sprint, sprawl, 50 meter lateral shuffle, sprawl, 50 meter forward sprint) * a sprawl is from standing to push-up position and back to feet as quickly as possible
Intermittent Fasting for 18 hours (8 PM on Saturday to 4 PM on Sunday without eating)

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